Holomorphic Function Theory in Several Variables

An introduction


From Christine Laurent-Thiébaut


EDP Sciences - Collection: Universitext - May 2011

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    This book provides an introduction to complex analysis in several variables. The viewpoint of integral representation theory together with Grauert's bumping method offers a natural extension of single variable techniques to several variables analysis and leads rapidly to important global results. Applications focus on global extension problems for CR functions, such as the Hartogs-Bochner phenomenon and removable singularities for CR funtions. Three appendices on differential manifolds, sheaf theory and functional analysis make the book self-contained.

    Each chapter begins with a detailed abstract, clearly demonstrating the structure and relations of following chapters. New concepts are clearly defined and theorems and propositions are proved in detail. Historical notes are also provited at the end of each chapter.

    Clear and succinct, this book will appeal to post post-graduate students, young resarchers seeking an introduction to holomorphic function theory in several variables and lecturers seeking a concise book on the subject.

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