Setting a new standard in the analysis of binary stars


EDP Sciences - Collection: EAS Publication Series - March 2014

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    Complementary observations of binary stars allow the determination of fundamental stellar quantities. As such, binary stars are irreplaceable for probing models of stellar structure and evolution. The aim of the conference “Setting a New Standard in the Analysis of Binary Stars”, held in Leuven, Belgium, September 2013, was to bring together theoreticians and observers, to review the present capabilities of matching models with new high-quality observations, and to identify the problems that stand in the way of a proper understanding of stellar physics.

    The overarching questions addressed were: (1) Which aspects of theory appear to be most in need of improvement in light of observations, (2) what observational advances are most needed by theorists to advance the models, and (3) what enhancements in data modeling engines are most critically needed as we enter the era of ultra-high precision photometry?

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