Asteroseismology and Next Generation Stellar Models

Evry Schatzman School 2014


From E. Michel, C. Charbonnel and B. Dintrans


EDP Sciences - Collection: EAS Publication Series - January 2016

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    Owing to the great success of the space missions CoRoT and Kepler, stellar seismology is living a golden age. The data from these missions are providing a wealth of information from which to develop and test a rich set of physical processes to be included in new generation stellar models. They are also proving to be precious in characterizing stars as components or tracers of broader systems like star-planet systems or galactic stellar populations. These various possibilities lead to new scientific perspectives for future space and ground-based projects.

    Seismic data are thus expected to be a prolific source of information for many studies to come in stellar physics and beyond. It thus appears important to help a large scientific community to become familiar with this new technique, its theoretical basis, its observational specificities, its diagnostic capabilities and also its limits.

    With lectures given by world experts in the field, this edition of the Ecole Evry Schatzman 2014 is intended for students, researchers and engineers who want to become familiar with stellar seismic investigation, in order to participate in the exploitation of existing data or to prepare future missions and instruments.



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